Bottle Warmer Sterilizer, WOHOME 5-in-1 Baby with Rapid

An unused item without original packaging. Item will come repackaged, and has been inspected for defects, faults, and basic functionality. 5-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer: Helps you warm milk at 45°C/113°F, heat baby food at 70°C/158°F and sterilize baby gadgets at 100°C/212°F. For defrost and yogurt, just set at 40°C/104°F. 4-Overheating Prevention: If the water boils away due to wrong operation, the bottle warmer for breast milk will beep as a warning and power off automatically. NOTE: Please pour water before use it. No Nutrition Loss: The bottle warmer warms milk and baby food evenly and gently at a constant temperature to prevent nutrition loss. Better warming effect and more nutrients reserved than heating in a microwave oven. Double-bottle Design: The large capacity allows you to warm up 2 bottles together, one for milk and one for water. The baby bottle warmer fits for breast milk bags and most bottles with a volume equal to or less than 8 oz.

Box N40 (Standard/White-1)

Listed: 12/28/19 by Jaeden Windle

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