Eurosocks Snow Chill Skiing Socks, Tequila Grey, Large

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100Percent Other Fibers Imported Machine Wash GOING IN STYLE – Playfully designed socks with unique patterns, set yourself apart from the rest, the perfect blend where functionality meets design and comfort for hitting the slopes, chillin around the lodge or wherever your outdoor activities take you LIFESTYLE COMFORT – We’ve got your feet covered; our soft comfortable medium weight socks with flat toe seams are ready to take you on your next adventure both in comfort and style. Italian creativity and styling merged together with our advanced technology and specially formulated fibers will keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable. Made with 80Percent Microsupreme, 10Percent Nylon, 10Percent Elastam Lycra MICRO-SUPREME TECHNOLOGY- Provides moisture management for all seasons, this hollow-core micro denier fiber provides superior wicking and self-drying capabilities that keep feet warm and dry during the cold months and cool and dry in hot weather activities - Dry Feet = Less Blisters BE DIFFERENT – Socks that offer a bold range of unique patterns and colors to fit all personalities, be different and set yourself apart from all the others, create trends amongst your peers, family and associates. Socks as an accessory to your own unique wardrobe creating a fashion statement that lets people know who you are; if this is you? Eurosocks Snow Chill Series is your sock 100Percent MADE IN ITALY– Lifestyle socks with advanced technology, exclusive material and superior craftsmanship and design all weaved together to create the highest quality of socks you will ever wear, Period!

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Listed: Martha Ramirez

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