Home Decorators White Cordless 2-1/2 in. Faux Wood Blind, 64in Drop Various Size

Item Notes:

An unused, open box item, with original packaging. Packaging may show signs of wear. Item has been opened and resealed to inspect for defects, faults, parts, and basic functionality. Shades measure 2.5in with a 64in drop, and come in variety of widths. Packaging may show minor signs of handling. Packaging is labeled in standard sizes. Blinds are custom cut to the listed sizes.

Shelf V3 (31-1/4x64-1)

Shelf V3 (31-1/4x64-2)

Shelf V3 (31-1/4x64-3)

Shelf V3 (33-1/4x64-1)

Shelf V3 (34-1/4x64-1)

Shelf V3 (38-1/4x64-1)

Shelf V3 (38-1/2x64-1)

Shelf V3 (38-1/2x64-2)

Listed: James Cushing

Listed: Mar 24, 2020 11:02 am

Due to variances in monitor color, and lighting, the color of some items may differ slightly from the photographs

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Shelf V3 (26-1/4x64)

Shelf W1 (34-3/8x64)

Shelf W1 (33-3/8x64)

Shelf W1 (24-5/8x64)

Shelf V1 (54x64)

Shelf V1 (62-1/4x64)

Shelf U3 (41x64)

Shelf V1 (48-1/4x64)

Shelf W1 (50-7/8x64)