Makeup brush drying rack organizer cleaning mat & brush Macys brush detox 3 pc

Item Notes: Keep your brushes clean and organized with this set! SET INCLUDES: Silicone brush cleaning mat Handheld silicone brush cleaning mat Silicone brush rack WHAT IT DOES: Silicone mat can fit in most sinks, making it easy to use on the go Silicone brush holder is perfect for drying and storing brushes; can be suctioned to mirrors or tiles HOW TO USE: Place larger mat inside sink, dampen mat, place a small amount of brush cleaner on the head of the brush and move the bristles along the textured surface of the mat until water runs clear When complete, reshape the bristles and place brush bristles facing down in brush holder Use handheld mat for smaller, more delicate brushes and for travel Location: Box G28/ A110

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Box G28 (Default Title-1)

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