Mekudos - Baby Gate Wall Protector - 4 Pack

Mekudos - Baby Gate Wall Protector - 4 Pack 
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  • ✔️ INNOVATIVE DESIGN – superior surface protection, extremely clear and soft back padding, damage-free for your wall
  • ✔️ HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION – you do not need any tools to install it. All you need to do during installation is fit the cups between the safety gates and the wall
  • ✔️ PRESSURE GATE STABILITY – the back padding of wall protector is designed with good grips which ensure that your baby gate is held firmly to the wall without any accidents
  • ✔️ HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS – highest-safety rated materials which are non-toxic, odourless, and do not stain or damage your walls after installation
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Do you want a device that can protect your delicate wall finish from damage and scratches caused by pressure gates and rods?
You are in luck. Mekudos Baby Gate Wall Pads helps to protect your walls from damage and ultimately keeps your toddler out of danger’s way.

It is an ensemble of 4 safety cups:
- 2 large cups (outer diameter 3.62 inches, inner diameter 1.69 inches, height 1.02 inches);
- 2 small cups (outer diameter 2.56 inches, inner width 1.69 inches, height 1.02 inches) with silicone-like transparent soft padding.

They help to absorb pressure and spread it away from your walls thus ensuring that no damage comes to your wall finishes.
Our baby gates wall protector is a unique product designed with safety plastic and padding made of soft, non-toxic silicone-like material, which can be fixed between the wall and your pressure gates and also to the bottom of your pressure gates.
This wall guard provides maximum protection to your walls by ensuring that there are no scratches, indentations, and holes in your walls. Our baby gates wall protectors are suitable for use with baby gates, tall child proof pressure gates, pet/dog gates, extra wide hallways, doorways, and pressure spindle rods such as curtain rods and shower curtain rods.
With Mekudos wall protector for pressure gates, you are sure of enhanced safety for your baby and your walls.
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