Beauty Collection The Everyday Eyeshadow Palette

Item Notes: A perfect everyday eyeshadow palette featuring ten beautiful shades in shimmer and matte textures, which allows you to achieve an endless amount of makeup looks. This must-have palette is the perfect balance of sophistication and fun. WHAT IT DOES: Smooth finish and lightweight texture Formula is buildable and blendable Formulated without parabens, sulfates or phthalates Cruelty Free Location: Box G37

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-1)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-2)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-3)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-4)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-5)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-6)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-7)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-8)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-9)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-10)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-11)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-12)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-13)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-14)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-15)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-16)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-17)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-18)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-19)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-20)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-21)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-22)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-23)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-24)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-25)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-26)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-27)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-28)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-29)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-30)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-31)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-32)

Shelf G37 (Eyeshadow Palette-33)

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