10 Trendy Pop Culture Costume Ideas for 2022

10 Trendy Pop Culture Costume Ideas for 2022

Now that the world has started emerging from the funk of the pandemic, one of the most amazing things we've seen is the huge amount of events that are happening, one again. From fashion shows to galas, movie premieres to parties, life is slowly getting back to normal.

With that resurgence has come a big wave of new shows and films, and with it, a bevy of new costume ideas. With that, here are some of the big ones in different categories, that will be sure to spark some ideas in you for the upcoming trick-or-treat season!

Video Games

For Men: Dante from Devil May Cry 5

Stand out from the crowd with a Dante get-up, and who your devilish side.

dante costume

For Women: Aerith from Final Fantasy VII Remake

You don't need to be a Final Fantasy fan to appreciate the gorgeous red dress on this well-known character. This look would stand out on any modern runway, let alone your party.

aerith red dress

image via rolecosplay


Movie Characters

Men: Moon Knight

Show your Marvelous stuff with a Moon Knight getup

moon knight image


Women: Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk

Ladies, getting big and green is the thing this year.




Men: Meat Loaf

Meat loaf

Women: Taylor Swift's September VMAs after party dress

taylor swift after party



Couples/Singles: Ken and Barbie

With the live action Barbie movie coming, you can show your 80's flair this year.

ken and barbie


Men: The Try Guys

the try guys

Women: The Queen

The Queen

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