10 Everyday and Luxury Brands Made Wholly in the USA

10 Everyday and Luxury Brands Made Wholly in the USA

It might seem like everything you own has a manufacturer that's based in another country, leaving the impression that there's nothing out there that's made in the United States. It's no secret that the flow of goods from overseas has provided a long list of low-cost goods that Americans have benefited from consuming for years. Now, though, with the holiday season approaching, many countries are facing bottlenecks in the supply chain.

The reasons for this absence of goods is myriad, stemming from the continuing effects of the pandemic, as well as conflicts across the globe, rising transportation costs, and other factors. It isn't that there are no goods coming it, it's just that there are fewer of them and the prices for them have increased. This is turning us all to look at, once more, the things that are made here in the USA.

The US is, still, a manufacturing powerhouse. There are thousands of brands that are producing goods here at home. We don't see them glorified on the news, and when it comes to globally-recognized brands, many are still being made overseas. If you're one of the many concerned folks that want to keep their money here at home,though, consider some of these great makers, who are producing quality and affordable goods, right here.

The brands mentioned in this article are in no way associated with Vanessa Jane. We do not benefit monetarily in any way through these links. We simply mention them, because we appreciate the spirit of people and companies that produce their goods in the United States.

Everyday Clothing Brands

American Giant

american giant

American Giant offers both men's and women's apparel. They're a company built around "conscious consumerism," producing durable goods over low-quality and low-price. 

Mate the Label

mate the label

Mate is a brand based in Los Angeles, built around sustainability. All of their clothing is woman-centered and organic. The brand also runs a recycling program, taking in used clothing to repurpose it for new garments.

Todd Shelton 

Todd Shelton

Todd Shelton is a Manhattan-based men's line that specializes in minimalist basics, such as dress shirts, with a traditional design focus.



Meaning "the cause" Lacuasa is a spanish-inspired clothing brand with a strong focus on empowering women. A unique aspect that sets this brand apart is their Journal, which is a collection of inspiring interviews with women. 5% of this brands goods are crafted in Mexico, while the rest are made in Los Angeles. The brand also includes a secondhand shop.

Big Bud Press

Big Bud Press

Offering unisex goods, Big Bud Press does weekly visits to every point of their manufacturing process, to ensure quality. One of the unique features of this brand is that they offer sizing ranging all the way from petite sizes to 7X. 


Luxury Brands

Christy Dawn

A uniquely earth-centric brand, Christy Dawn is focused on regenerative processes. More than sustainability, Christy Dawn repurposes fabrics and fosters community relationships.

The Reformation

Started in 2009, Reformation began as a vintage clothing line in Los Angeles, before expanding into producing their own clothing. Today, they create body-flattering clothing for women.

Zero + Maria Cornejo

A political refugee from Chile, Maria Cornejo began her line in 1998 in New York. Her work relies on simplicity, ease, and cutting fabrics based on geometric forms.

Gabriela Hurst

Gabriela was, in fact, born on a farm. Growing up in the environment she did, Gabriela learned that "luxury" meant that things were made with quality, and built to last. This brand features lines for men and women, as well as handbags.

Hackwith Design House

hackwith design house

Everything Hackwith produces is made in their Minnesota studio. To add to sustainability, most items are not made until they are ordered, to reduce waste. This approach means waiting a little longer in some cases for your order, but if you're being conscious it's a small price to pay.

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