The Fall Fashion Color Trends You Need to Know

The Fall Fashion Color Trends You Need to Know

Why do color trends matter?

Color trends set the tone when it comes to creating a sense of involvement with a season. Whether you're a business or an individual, coordinating colors for the season creates a degree of excitement in your visitors, or your family. Each season comes with a sort of expectation, driven by years of marketing. Showing participation in events and seasons has a positive effect on customers and family.

 Why color is important this year

The entire world has begun emerging from the effects of the pandemic. It's been a tough, dark kind of time for all of us. Add to this the lasting effects on the global supply chain, and the ongoing conflicts, everyone is on edge and feeling a little down. 

Color in life is always important. This year, in particular, it's more important that it has been in a long time. Color has undeniable effects on moods and emotions. People feel better when they were certain colors or see them around.

One of the reasons fall is such an incredible season is because of the color. One of the most colorful of all seasons, autumn instills a sense of celebration in us as we prepare for the big holidays that come during each of its months.

What are the color trends for 2022?

Color trends aren't decided on by some kind of official board. When it comes to trends in decoration, these are fairly traditional. During autumn, we expect to see a lot of the same colors we see in nature. Gold, yellow, orange, touches of fading green.

The Pantone Institute, perhaps the closest to an "official word" on color trends, has been forecasting color trends since 2000. Color trends in fashion are inspired the various fashion and runway shows that happen all around the world. This year's trends are leaning toward bright, eye-popping colors. 

Kermit The Frog Green

 Elie Saab/Tods/Yuhan Wang
(Image credit: Getty )
Hot Orange

Michael Kors/Dior/Saint Laurent

(Image credit: Getty)
Fuchsia Pink

(Image credit: Getty)
Cobalt Blue

Loewe/Elie Saab/Stella McCartney

(Image credit: Getty)
Citrus Lime

Halpern/MSGM/Prabal Gurung

(Image credit: Getty)
Soft Lilac

Edward Crutchley/Jil Sander/Stella McCartney

(Image credit: Getty)
Buttermilk Yellow

Christian Siriano/Jil Sander/Chanel

(Image credit: Getty)
Chocolate Brown

Valentino/Tiffany Browns/Miu Miu

(Image credit: Getty)
Crisp White


(Image credit: Getty)
The great part about these colors is that they'll fit in perfectly all through the holiday season, through the end of the year.

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