The Magic of the Online Unique Thrift Store

The Magic of the Online Unique Thrift Store
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Unique thrift stores have been a staple of local communities for decades. These shops provide budget shopping, allowing us to pick up one-of-a-kind items and small gems that we might not find anywhere else. From well-worn to gently-used second-hand items, these shops all over and very popular.
Goodwill is one of the most popular thrift stores around. Perhaps one of the biggest issues with thrift shopping, though, is that you can pop into a store and never know exactly what you're going to find. You may stop in and walk out having found nothing. That's part of the beauty of online shopping.
Online thrift businesses are on the rise all over the country. You might tend to think of a thrift store as one that only carries used goods, which is no longer the case. What's awesome about the online thrift market is the bounty of brand new merchandise that's never had a home.
The abundance of goods revolving through the big box stores like Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Walmart, Target, Amazon, and many others, has created a thriving secondary market. You see these goods at places like TJ Maxx, Marshall's, or Home Goods. These stores are known as off-price retailers. They carry a variety of goods that are overstocked merchandise from the other big stores, or brands specifically designed for the off-price market.
Online retailers, like Vanessa Jane, have made a name for themselves in this market, as well. The secret to obtaining merchandise, like what you find at TJ Maxx, is by buying in large quantities, just like they do. By purchasing pallet loads of merchandise in bulk, stores like ours are getting exactly the same merchandise as the big retailers, because it's coming straight from them. 
This lets us carry the brands that you're familiar with, but to offer them at a substantial discount and in brand new condition. There are many businesses using this same model, providing incredible values for customers, and providing the thrift store experience for shoppers all over the world. 
Because of how we purchase goods, retailers like us can offer a similar experience to a thrift store, by keeping up a revolving inventory that changes every day! Just like TJ Maxx or Marshall's, you can get the same unique merchandise, which might be gone tomorrow and replaced with something else just as special. To top off the selection, our warehouse teams are dedicate to rushing order out, putting them in the hands of our customers within a few days. 
For the same thrift store experience, uniqueness, and to have it fast, shopping at Vanessa Jane is where it's at!

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